Condition Guide

Brand New With Tags: The item is brand new with tags, or brand new in a box.

Brand New Without Tags: The item is brand new, unworn, but does not have tags.

Excellent: The item has been worn, but there is little to no visible wear.

Very Good: The item is in excellent structural condition, may have a minor mark, minor signs of wear, or minor pilling. 

Good: The item is in great structural condition, but may have faint staining, or normal wear and pilling. 

Play: The item is wearable, but may have a tiny hole, rip, staining, etc.

Please note - We always do our absolute best to ensure the condition of each item is noted correctly. We list the condition, and try to note any specifics that we would want to be made aware of if we were the purchaser! However, we are human, and we do occasionally make an error. If you every receive your item and it is not in the condition that we stated, please contact us directly to resolve the issue.